“ If you can write an
Effective Sales Copy,
you can literally write
Your own Paycheque ”


Who is Vipul?

Vipul is India’s leading Copywriting Coach and Sales Consultant, helping professionals to turn their written words into a monetised skill.

He is the creator of SMP Copywriting System through which anyone can double their Sales in half the writing time.

Apart from this, he is the Co-founder of a multi-crore manufacturing company that is serving all over India.


How to Turn your Written Words into a Monetised Skill?

Vipul has put all his heart and soul into building up the simplest system through which anyone can DOUBLE their SALES 💰 in half the writing time.

❌ Without wasting hours on a blank sheet of paper and thinking about what to write!

Even if you're not a Real Writer.

And he calls it “SMP Copywriting System”


1-To-1 Personalised Coaching Program

Vipul's “Smartest Selling System” is a personalised 1-To-1 coaching program through which he helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals to increase their sales without sending any proposal.

He also helps them to acquire that secret skill through which they can turn their prospect into a salesman for them.

This program contains a special strategy through which a non-experienced business owner can grab a high paying client as well.


Listen to My Podcast!

Hello, you fantastic Podcast Listeners, Welcome to Marketing Academy of Persuasion.

I am your host Vipul Chawla. In this show, I will be sharing about practical business mindset and ongoing Sales Closing strategies which works in the now.

This show is all about bringing value to you by transferring positive vibes to your mind which will help you to gain more business motivation.



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