“ If you can write an
Effective Sales Copy,
you can literally write
Your own Paycheque ”


Who is Vipul?

Vipul is India’s leading Copywriting and Telephone Sales Coach, helping professionals to turn their written words into a monetised skill.

He is the creator of Economical Copywriting System through which You can Cut your Marketing Budget in Half Without Compromising on Sales.

Apart from this, he is the Co-founder of a multi-crore manufacturing company that is serving all over India.


Spend Less & Sell More

Facing Problems in Managing your Marketing Funds ❓


See, every Entrepreneur wants to Spend More to Sell More.




Here’s the Thing - Spending More in Marketing doesn’t Guarantee Massive Sales ❌


But, What if You could Cut Your Marketing Budget in Half?


Without Compromising on Sales Numbers :)


Could that be true? 🤔


1-To-1 Personalised Coaching Program

Vipul's “Smartest Selling System” is a personalised 1-To-1 coaching program through which he helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals to increase their sales without sending any proposal.

He also helps them to acquire that secret skill through which they can turn their prospect into a salesman for them.

This program contains a special strategy through which a non-experienced business owner can grab a high paying client as well.


Client Speaks!


Your Sessions are superb especially your way of relating things with business, copywriting and sales. I enjoyed a lot working with you and began to see results with the help of your trainings too. Thanks a lot.

- Sunil Malhotra

Your step-by-step approach is awesome with all the practical Sales strategies inbuilt within a smart system. You have added a lot of value to my life and business. Great pleasure working with you.

- Mohd. Asif

Your both trainings are very well structured and worth every penny. I also like your straight to the point style. You have saved a lot of energy and time for the beginners like me.

- Mamta Singh